Update from the studio.
Hey everyone!, so far we have been in studio for a week recording the new record and everything is coming along great! Stay posted for some pics and more updates. We are also playing at the Subterranean with Spitalfield on 3/30/07, check the shows page for more details. This show is 21 and over but we will be playing plenty more shows soon! check back often and take care! Tickets are available at the Subterranean Website www.subt.net


Hey everybody! Sorry, its been a long time since providing you with any updates. Things have been real busy since the last time we posted anything on here. So here's the lowdown. We are in the process of building a new site so be on the lookout for a new and improved Holy Roman Empire site with a lot of cool stuff. On the music front, we are going into the studio next week to start recording our full length. Be sure to check our myspace and the website (yes, myspace and this site will be updated until the new site is up and running) with pictures and other happenings from the studio. We will be providing more info on our release dates and other stuff about the record periodically so check back often! Also, thank you for all the people who came out to the show at Beat Kitchen! It was a great time and we hope to see everyone again soon. For those of you who live in the suburbs or who are willing to travel, we are playing at good ol' Harper College in lovely Schaumburg, IL. on February 16th. So if you live in the burbs, you should definitely come check us out. Hope to see some familiar faces!!!


Hey everyone! Thank you to everyone that made it out to the Punk Planet show at the Metro. We had a great time as did all the other bands. It has been quite sometime since we've had such a awesome hang with all of our friends like that one! We continue to make headway on our album and the songs are coming out very nicely. Some catchy, some moody and some down right rockers. It's been nice to hole ourselves up in the practice space and make fun of each other for awhile. Come on out to the ASCAP showcase that we are playing at the Metro on June 22nd! It shall prove to be a great show as i can't tell you who is playing yet, but fear not....... they shall mosh your little bloomers off! Well, till next time..... be excellent to each other. mosh on, Tony T and HRE ps. look for our feature in the upcoming Punk Planet issue! Woohoo! pps check out our video here: HREmpire.org
it rules!


Hey everyone, Just a reminder that we are playing the Metro this Saturday, April 22nd! Whom is it with you may ask? None other the your favorite local grinders, Tower of Rome. Your new favorite tharshers, (Lone) Wolf and Cub. DAMNATION A.D.!!!!! Of course we couldn't forget everybodies darlings, Kung Fu Rick. Now we also have some new songs we'll be playing and posting soon so lets party! See you guys there and look out for Jay on the dance floor cause he will mosh you staight to hell!

mosh on to glory,
Tony T and HRE


Greetings and salutations my friends!  We have been busy nerding over new songs that will be on our full length and they are coming along nicely.  We also recorded a song which will be on a comp put out by Thick records this spring, with such great Chicago bands as The Killing Tree, Colossal, Wax on Radio, and many more!  In other news we have some mighty fine shows coming up as we are headlining The Beat Kitchen, and we are playing support for the almighty, all knowing and all destroying......Damnation A.D.  Holy Crap Batman, I think I need new tights.   Everybody should come out to this show if for nothing else but to see Jay annihilate the dance floor like you didn't think was possible.  You have been warned!!!  Skinny, highly volatile, Slayer dude moshing your way and you better run!  All righty then, check the shows and we'll see all you guys out and about.

Much love,
Tony T and HRE 


Hello everybody! So we just got back from a great weekend down in Urbana and St. Louis. We made a bunch of great friends and played for a bunch of you very nice and pleasant kids. My, my how your parents taught you manners! Please check the show page as we are pretty busy coming up here playing around the great city of Chicago. There seems to be some speculation on if we are actually playing the Fireside or not and let me be the first to tell you that it's true! All of it, right down to Jay playing in his speedos! In other news, we have been asked to be on the new Thick records compilation that should be out this spring with way too many awesome Chicago bands to even mention. We've recorded the song and let me tell you a secret...........it ... is ... pretty... gosh dang AWESOME!

Well, toodaloo for now and I hope to see everybody around the city! Also, we have sweet shirts for sale on our Holy Roman Empire page and you can now get our EP online at either iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, or Yahoo. If you're an old-schooler with one of those fancy CD players, you can also get the EP at Hot Topic, Tower, or any other fine record establishment you can pretty much think of! Yahooee!
much love,
tony t and HRE crew


Greetings and Happy Holidays everybody!   So we've been busy writing the  album and everything is coming along ducky!   I can't wait to hear these songs recorded.  They already give me chills and we haven't even really sat down and refined them.  In other news the awfully nice people at the world famous Metro have given us the opportunity play our first headlining show!  Holy Cow!  Holy Moses!  So we hope to see all your beautiful faces there singing along with us!  So take care of each other, have a great holiday and we'll see you guys there!

Mosh on to glory,
Tony T and HRE  


Hello everybody!!  So we've been playing around town and trying to write our first album and let me tell ya, the new songs are kicking some serious tushy.  If you'd like to hear some of them then come and see us this Sunday the 27th at The Vic with the almighty Rise Against.  If that's not enough for you (shame on you if it isn't) then there will also be a couple of bands by the names of Anti Flag and Bane there!!  You may have heard of them before, if you haven't then get out from living under that computer or rock and come sing, mosh and sweat along with us!  That's about it for now, until next time as Bill and Ted would say "be excellent to each other."

much love,


Finally...The new site.


We apologize for the website not being completely finished. We are aware that the site is incomplete, and not all items can be accessed. However, we are currently working on having someone finish the site for us. Please bare with us and we promise it will look cool!


Thanks to everyone for making the record release show on August 13th such a success! We had a great time playing and we hope you had a great time being there as well! The newer songs seemed to be well receive by 'yall, so please come to some of the upcoming shows and we'll rock you some more...


Hello there children! Big news, big news! Our first ever release "Lost in Landscapes" is out and ready to rock your pants off! You can buy it at fine record stores near you or fine web sites such as interpunk.com and smartpunk.com. We also have our record release show at the Bottom Lounge on August 13th with Colossal, Since By Man, and Black Print. I would definitely say that I would buy that for a dollar! The show starts at five so be sure you're on time! Well, you guys take care and we'll see you on the 13th!
much love,
tony t and HRE crew


Hey now! Big news, big news. The ep is done and is being mastered as we speak. The songs came out great and should be out in July or August on Hewhocorruptsinc. In other news we have a ton of shows posted so check it. We are also playing this Friday, June 3rd at the mighty Double Door with The Featurettes and the 22-20's. Doors are at nine and its ten bucks so you kids should come out and have a good time. Till we meet again..........go see Star Wars.
-tony t


Hello everybody! Just to get everyone up to speed we are currently getting ready to go into the studio to record a six song ep for our new friends at Hewhocorruptsinc!! The songs are coming out great and we can't wait to hear what they sound like all finished and with a pretty little bow from Emily's hair on top. The rock ep of the year will be coming out sometime in the middle of July so keep your ear on the tracks! Other than that, we have some shows coming up and a bunch in the works so we'll mosh you kiddies later!!
-tony t


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